Bothell Pediatric

Emily Wilson, OTR/L

BPHT has been an ideal setting to practice pediatric occupational therapy. From the first time that I visited the clinic until now I have felt the same level of excitement and inspiration to help children and families each day. What has impressed me so greatly is the warmth and inviting nature both of the physical layout of the clinic as well as the staff that the clinic is comprised of. There are smiles everywhere you turn and so many reasons to smile. The children and therapists enjoy their time working together. Parents are eager to be involved in the rehabilitative process. Administrative staff and therapy aides provide structure and order to the fast paced nature of the setting. The clinic owner effectively emphasizes and cultivates teamwork, leadership, the importance of positive thinking and is continually seeking strategies for improvement in every aspect of the clinic.

BPHT has allowed me to thrive as an entry-level OT due to the perfect balance of professional autonomy as well as group cohesion. It is not an uncommon occurrence for there to be an impromptu pizza party or box of doughnuts in the break room from a patient. It is also not an uncommon occurrence for there to be festive decorations and feasts in honor of employee’s birthdays or other reasons to celebrate each other. BPHT is anything but a mundane work environment. The variety of services offered reflects this. From aquatic therapy to animal assisted therapy, the SMILY yoga program to handwriting camps, social skills groups to feeding groups and the list goes on… the energy, enthusiasm and competent skills of the therapists are vast.

Of all of the above reasons that I have listed for enjoying my time spent working at BPHT, the most rewarding of all is seeing the progress of the children served here. While at times it may seem as though certain goals are way beyond attaining or intervention strategies have felt repetitive to no end…all of a sudden there is a break through and all of the time and energy devoted has been well spent. Life becomes easier for these kids and families in some way and it‚Äôs a breath of fresh air and a sigh of relief for everyone involved.