Warm-Up and Stretching Activities for Kids

By Kelsie McGladrey, PT, DPT

A proper warm-up and stretching routine is essential to preventing injury during active play and can help improve performance. In cold weather, the warm-up becomes even more important. Many youth teams are moving away from a routine warm-up. This places your child at a higher risk for injury. It is […]

FUN Indoor Activities for Kids

By Kelsie McGladrey, PT, DPT

The cold weather is here, and with it comes rain and even snow. Being inside for the majority of the day makes it difficult to keep your child active. Here are some fun ideas to try when you’re stuck indoors!

Tape Shapes

Painters tape can be used to make many […]

Fun with a Yoga Ball!

By Kelsie McGladrey, DPT

A yoga (or therapy) ball is a great tool for children! There are many different exercises for strengthening, balance training, and sensory input! The yoga ball can be a great way to help motivate children to participate in gross motor and fine motor play! There are many positions and variations to […]

AAC Myths!

Why Alternative and Augmentative Communication Helps Verbal Language Development

By Daniel Miller, MA, MS, CCC-SLP

Some children (and adults) with speech and language disorders do not produce verbal language on their own, and require assistance to develop functional communication skills. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) can help these individuals and their families select an appropriate AAC modality […]

Shelley Morassutti – NEW OT!


We are happy to have our new Occupational Therapist, Shelley Morassutti , OTR/L on board at BP&HT!

Shelley received her degree in Occupational Therapy in Manitoba, Canada, and has been happily working in pediatrics for thirty years.  In 2004 she relocated to the Seattle area of the United States.

She is passionate about learning and growing, she […]

Why custom Hand, Elbow and Shoulder Splints (Orthoses)?


By Joe Bullert, MOT, OTR/L

When driving up to the Hand Clinic you may see our sign which declares our aim to “restore abilities from shoulder to fingertips”. This isn’t hyperbole. If a person is having trouble with their arm or hand, it’s very likely we can help them. To do this we have a […]

5 Ways to Avoid Hand Pain While Holiday Crafting

By Kimberly Alquist

Most people who enjoy knitting may experience pain or discomfort in the hands or wrist at some point. The repetitive actions involved with knitting exposes one to the development of a number of conditions, the foremost being Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, trigger thumb or De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis.

Both conditions can cause pain, discomfort and impaired function of the wrist […]

The Alert Program: Fast, Slow and Just Right

By Shelly Moore, COTA/L

“The ALERT program assists students in understanding the basic theory of sensory integration related to arousal states.  The primary focus is to help children learn to monitor, maintain, and change their level of alertness so that it is appropriate to a situation or task.”  (Williams, Shellenberger)

The ALERT program provides a vocabulary […]

Casting Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthotics

By Martye Baylock MS, PT

Early in my career I served rural patients. Many patients had issues with walking, muscle tightness, muscle tone, and being able to move independently.  Many of my patients were in need of bracing and orthotics, but the nearest place for them to be cast for these could be up to […]

3 New Fall Groups

We are excited to be announcing three new groups this fall; Gymnastics, Keyboarding and Handwriting. Each are eight weeks long and start next week.

Gymnastics Clinic – 8 Weeks
Starts Fri, Oct 28th 6:30pm, 8+ year olds
Starts Sat, Oct 29th 5:00pm, 4-7 year olds
In this group kids will be participating in gross motor activities geared toward improving […]